What is the ABSC's Church Revitalization Process?

The ABSC's Church Revitalization process is designed to assist churches in fulfilling the Great Commission through Spiritual Health, Effective Leadership and Relevant Strategies. Click the above circles to access materials related to each of these components of the process. The Church Revitalization Process is Pastor-Led and Fully Customizable. 

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Revitalization Overview

The Goal: To engage in an intentional process that helps your church discover how to move from where you are to where God wants you to be!

Commit to Revitalization

Identify Areas Needing Attention

Design a Customized Plan

Cast Vision of the Desired Result

Implement the Plan

Adjust the Plan as Needed

Celebrate Faithfulness and Results

Download a complete introductory PowerPoint presentation of the process by clicking HERE

Church Assessment

A key step toward Church Revitalization is the willingness to make an honest evaluation of the current state of the church’s ministry, vision, attitudes, environment, and performance. 

Step 1: Read Conducting a Church Assessment for a discussion on what type of assessment is best for your church.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Assessment that best fits your church and your purposes (click below to access)

A Guided Conversation

A guided conversation is an informal way to lead directed, small-group discussions that yield insight about your church.

A Written Assessment Tool 

Permission has been granted to make the Beeson Church Health Questionnaire available for use in your church. This tool measures 8 key aspects of church health as well as demographic information on those who complete the survey. 

Transformational Church Assessment Tool 

Lifeway's fee-based tool provides a thoroughly trustworthy instrument for conducting a complete evaluation of the 7 factors found in Transformational Churches. The links below will help you determine if this is the best choice for your church. 

Website for more information regarding the TCAT Promotional Brochure

Article - "Why Pay for a Church Assessment"

Promotional Brochure